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Six amazing worlds, one hour of dazzling visuals,

an epic soundtrack - two years in the making


Title: Iridium >> Mix: Threesixty >>

As we enter spring 2018, Sonarpilot Audio returns with the next instalment of the 'new season'... Iridium see's Michael Moppert's original mix dig deep with a low slung, electronica workout that shows yet another colour in his production palette. Never sitting still and never guided by trends, Iridium is as natural as it gets in terms of original ideas and feel. Its a classic 'Sonarpilot' production. London's Jonny Miller is of course deeply entrenched into the day to day running of Sonarpilot Audio, having collaborated with Sonarpilot on many previous releases (Ship of Clay, Calle Verde), A&Ring and managing the label behind the scenes, he's provided another remix, another glimpse into wher