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A Sonarpilot Audio history lesson: Mastering, industry greats, lost friends and passing on the knowl

Post production and mastering has always been a key part in the process of bringing you the original Sonarpilot material and guest remixes we've released through the years... We often remember our first mastering engineer back in the early 2010s when we launched the label, Paul O'Brian of POB Audio in Manchester, sadly passed away a few years back leaving a truly massive body of work that covered hundreds of electronic artists, labels and some of rock musics biggest names. Paul taught Sonarpilot Audio label manager Jonny, a lot about the post production stage while he lived in Manchester, knowledge that would serve him as the label grew. During the Sonarpilot 'Radar' era, when productions an

Brendon Moeller's heavyweight dubs return to Sonarpilot Audio

We welcome back an old friend to the label in May 2018, New York City's king of electronic dub, Brendon Moeller. Having remixed 'June Dub' and 'Heartbeat' for us back in the 'Radar' album era, we knew 'Listen Dub' was perfect for him to breakdown and recreate in one of his infamous live dub takes - Keeping the production in-line with the classic techniques of the pioneer dub engineers such as King Tubby and the Mad Professor. The subs rumble, the audio effects are stage front and Sonarpilot's original elements are taken into space. Sonarpilot - Listen Dub (Inc Breandon Moeller Dubs) is released worldwide on May 4th 2018 - Available from Beatport, iTunes, all digital retailers and the Sonarpi