... Journey into a parallel universe ...

Experience the new audiovisual experience by Sonarpilot at www.themirageproject.com

Six amazing worlds, one hour of dazzling visuals,

an epic soundtrack - two years in the making


Paying it forward...

2019 is our 10th Anniversary of releasing quality underground electronic music from Sonarpilot and our family of carefully chosen remix artists. Sonarpilot Audio is one of those rare labels that isn't driven by trend, a scene, flavour of the month. We have ONE artist on our roster, label owner and creator of all our original audio and visual work, Sonarpilot. Partnering with label manager and tastemaker, London's Jonny Miller throughout its existence, the label has opened up and collaborated with some of electronic music's most respected producers on remix projects, people like techno pioneer, Kirk Degiorgio, dub techno king Brendon Moeller, Aybee, Simbad, the late, great Marcus Intalex, Ram