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A decade of connections... FKA Mash

As a label, Sonarpilot Audio has always had a deep connection with South Africa and its music scene. Our ethos of music inspired by people places and travel. In the second edition of our connections series, looking at some of the artists we've made connections with through Sonarpilot's music, we put our focus on a young producer and DJ from Soweto - Mashoto Lekgothoane, now known as... FKA Mash. Label manager Jonny Miller’s frequent trips to SA as an artist and DJ himself naturally gave rise to many young South African artists appearing on Sonarpilot’s radar and most recently, its been FKA Mash. His slow motion deep house sound has a unique melodic touch and groove that seems to stand out fr

A decade of connections... D-Malice

London's UK Funky scene, via Johannesburg, to the world - We look at extended family member D-Malice, his journey into the afro house sound and his connection with Sonarpilot Audio. D-Malice is now one of the UK's key ambassadors for the growing 'Afro House' scene, a movement naturally twinned with the rise to premier league status of superstar DJ Black Coffee and what has become known as the South African House movement and more recently, Afro Tech. The journey towards afro was a natural one for Malice, for most of the mid-late 2000s he was a recognised name in the UK Funky scene (an offshoot of UK Garage) with club hits such as the white label classic 'Gabryelle Refix' and 'Poison' for da