... Journey into a parallel universe ...

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Six amazing worlds, one hour of dazzling visuals,

an epic soundtrack - two years in the making


Northern Lights is here...

Sonarpilot returns with a fresh and original audio/visual production, Northern Lights - Remixed by veteran Metalheadz family member, Agzilla and presented for video promo by Sonarpilot himself. Michael Moppert aka Sonarpilot’s original productions have always sat between the lanes, an artist unfazed by the constraints of trend or the blueprint of a specific genre, his music has always had a broader appeal and the confidence to stand up on it’s own in terms of style, arrangement and feel. Audibly sitting somewhere between low slung dub and drum and bass, the original mix of Northern Lights seems to skit between the tempos, the classic amen break punctuating a rolling, half time groove. Now