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How do you feel...? A Sonarpilot Audio mix selection for August 2018

Michael Moppert and label Manager Jonny Miller select deep house, rolling techno, leftfield beats and cosmic soundscapes for this 60 minute musical journey...

The mix features a cosmic introduction from across the stars, our latest release 'Moth' - remixed by UK Techno king, Kirk Degiorgio alongside with classic Detroit from Mark Flash, off-centre beats from Blawaan and Skee Mask and Martyn's tribute to our lost friend Marcus Intalex aka Trevino.

1. How do you feel? - Intro

2. Like Home (Interlude) - Pierre Johnson (feat. Jazzuelle)

3. O My Perfection - Chrome Sparks

4. Any Colour You Like - Joe S

5. All Around 3D - Aquatone (Da Capo)

6. Manchester (Tribute to Marcus Intalex) - Martyn

7. Moth (Kirk Degiorgio Remix) - Sonarpilot

8. Kordman Return (Swing Mix) - Skee Mask

9. Sing To Me (Original Mix) - Sonarpilot

10. Intention Dub - Fields

11. Nims - Blawaan

12. Dark Symphony - Mark Flash

13. Kirk Degiorgio & Ian O'Brien - Promenade Eleven (Original Reworked)

13. Sham - The Maghreban

Listen at Soundcloud:

Listen at Mixcloud:

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