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Looking back... 10 years of Sonarpilot Audio

Four albums, four compilations, twenty eight full releases, one artist...

Back in 2009 Michael Moppert kick started the Sonarpilot Audio project as a label, alongside London producer and label manager Jonny Miller. The brief was simple, create an outlet for Michael's music, inspired by people, places and travel, connect with like minded producers around the world and publish a series of digital EPs that would stand the test of time. A catalogue with a long shelf life, in a highly disposable music market.

The label's first few releases coincided with a particularly exciting time in electronic music, especially in Europe. The emergence of bass/dubstep had breathed new life into electronica and the tried and tested 4/4 formula of house and techno had a shot in the arm of creativity it seemed from a young a hungry new generation of music makers. It's this backdrop that allowed Sonarpilot to reach out and connect with the likes of Ramadanman (aka Pearson Sound), Simbad, Brendon Moeller, creatives with a hunger to push their music forward in their own unique way whilst being open to collaborate and share. Established artists and producers also shared Sonarpilot's vision in this first wave of releases. UK techno pioneer Kirk Degiorgio delivered multiple remixes for the label while Marcus Intalex, drum and bass icon and a friend of label manager Jonny Miller, added his stamp on the catalogue under his Trevino moniker - the remixes he delivered for Sonarpilot before his tragic passing in 2017 now lay in wait for a younger generation to discover.

In 2018, as the label approached it's ten year anniversary, it was time to take stock and compile the RETROSPECTIVE: series from this first wave of activity from the label, music from the 2009 -2018 era. Four full albums of Sonarpilot titles from the catalogue, original productions and remix works side by side in genre form, for the very first time.

:beats, :dub, :tech and :house showcase the huge range of work the label has output in it's first decade, a summing up and a true record of where quality underground electronica was during the twenty tens...

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